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92Y's Read By

Mar 31, 2020

George Saunders on his selection:

There are a few passages in literature that I go back to whenever I’m feeling out of touch with something I know to be true, namely that the whole point of life (even, and especially, during, a pandemic) is to get more loving, more tender.  As Tolstoy wrote, “Men think there are...

Mar 28, 2020

Gary Shteyngart on his selection:

Nothing has ever made me happier than reading Mo Willems to my kid. In these troubled times, when we can no longer see our friends, we need more of Gerald and Piggy and their incredible pachyderm-porcine friendship.

There Is a Bird on Your Head! at...

Mar 26, 2020

Ann Patchett on her selection:

I picked this story when I was the editor of Best American Short Stories in 2006. Katrina Kenison, who was the series editor, was a huge Edith Pearlman fan and gave me a lot of choices. The hardest part was choosing just one. When the book came out we picked three stories to read at the...

Mar 24, 2020

James Shapiro on his selection:

A few years ago, I spent many months researching plague in Shakespeare’s London—how it was misunderstood, the terrible toll it took on the population (wiping our nearly a sixth of Londoners in 1593, and again in 1603), and especially its impact on Shakespeare and on the public...