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92Y's Read By

Aug 23, 2020

Francisco Goldman on his selection:

My reading is from Vladimir Nabokov's novel, Pnin.  Timofey Pnin, Russian emigre professor at Wainsdell College somewhere in the Northeast, has belatedly just learned to drive, and has undertaken the drive to the summer house of the wealthy emigre Alexandr Petrovich Kukolnikov,...

Aug 16, 2020

Elizabeth Strout on her selection:

William Trevor is brilliant at capturing the nuances of many people's perspectives, all in one story, as he does in this story of a young woman is who just reaching adulthood.  We see her sorrows, confusions, and the poignancy of all the characters involved.  Trevor is a wonder...

Aug 9, 2020

Geoff Dyer on his selection:

I've chosen two passages, both about place. The first is from the start of D. H. Lawrence’s essay, "Taos," published in 1923. Lawrence had arrived in New Mexico with his wife Frieda at the invitation of Mabel Dodge in September the previous year. As was his way, Lawrence began making...

Aug 2, 2020

Jennifer Egan on her selection:

The House of Mirth was the first literary classic that I picked up entirely on my own, without prodding from a teacher or a parent, and adored.  I read it as a teenager, during a stifling summer visit to my grandparents, when my literary tastes were unsophisticated (Archie comics were...