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92Y's Read By

Dec 20, 2020

"How savage our moments of live, how sacred." A special re-issue for the end of 2020. We'll be back on Jan. 10! 

Luis Alberto Urrea on his selection:

Annie Dillard’s books came to me in one of those writerly seasons of transition. I could dip into any of her first volumes and get lost. It’s the way she conflates...

Dec 13, 2020

Joseph O’Neill on his selection:

I chose to read from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, Pnin, a book I turn to very often when I need a tonic.

Pnin at 

Music: "Shift of Currents" by Blue Dot Sessions // CC BY-NC 2.0

Dec 6, 2020

Alice Oswald on her selection:

John Clare's Northborough Sonnets (written between 1832 and 1837) are designed as astonishments rather than thoughts... Fourteen lines, ordered into separable couplets, each couplet containing a different moment - these poems are like portable fresh air and I have been reading them every...